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Path to Promotion is a six-month transformative group coaching experience that helps you fast-track your promotion so that you can overcome imposter syndrome and take control of your career.

Path to promotion



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The Business Owner Mastermind is a four-month mastermind-style accelerator for early-stage service-based entrepreneurs to help cut through the noise and focus on what matters--building a business that is aligned with your passion and makes you money.

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By leveraging the tenets of my signature service, Path to Promotion, I create custom training solutions that help drive execution and improve employees’ engagement and confidence in the workplace. 

executive coaching



Jen B.

It has helped me become more efficient in my everyday tasks. I've even noticed how my coworkers are responding positively to the changes I've made thanks to Lee's course. I learned how to "play the game" at my company and began networking and taking on new challenges.

This course was absolutely invaluable to me and changed my perspective forever on how I view jobs and the work I do. 

Sarah M.

The unexpected by-product of working on one essential piece of my life, my new business, was the space and discernment and freedom to exist in all the other areas of my life that I didn’t even realize were stifled.

I have my business up and running, but I have also learned how to take better care of my home, my family, my children and most of all myself.