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I use a holistic approach in working with my clients. Your personal and professional lives are intimately connected. Making changes in your personal life affects your professional performance, and vice versa.  I create action plans that focus on instant implementation and accountability and allow you to achieve your goals while finding balance in both areas of your life.

I’m not your typical business coach

I’ve used my system to get promoted multiple times and triple my salary. I now teach others how to play the game and how to become a better leader.

Leadership Development & Career Strategist


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I,m Lee



Professional background in leadership, sales and business development and have been coaching for over a decade


MBA from Babson College in Entrepreneurship


Bachelor of Science from Boston University with a concentration in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management


professional background + experience

Something in my gut told me that something was off. I knew I was talented and ready to move forward--something else had to be going on. I started observing and noticed how much office politics played a role in who got promoted and who didn’t. It was then that I figured out how to play the game. Over time, I developed my signature system and started getting promoted. I started moving up the corporate ladder and tripled my salary.

Early on, I thought that if I just worked hard and kept my head down that I would be rewarded for my efforts and promoted. That didn’t happen. I was passed over more times than I can count and couldn’t understand why. I knew I was ready for more, but no one else could see it. I started wondering what was wrong with me. Was I missing something?

When I first started my career, I was 21, fresh out of college and managing men old enough to be my father or grandfather. I was surrounded by men--there were hardly any women at the time--and no one looked like me. I didn’t have any mentors or footsteps to follow. I had to carve out my own path.

My story

After getting my MBA in entrepreneurship, I started my coaching practice to help other women get the pay that they deserve. 

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My goal is to help as many women as possible create their own seat at the table and take control of their careers.

take control 

Rachel T.

Lee has been able to inspire confidence in my way of working and provided tools that I can take with me throughout my career!

Lee provided tools that I can take with me throughout my career!

Bieke C.

I gained a greater insight into how they can hold each of us back in different ways from reaching our full potential when we remain unaware of them or hold onto them.

Lee allowed me to pause and reflect on the various fake beliefs and negative habits that exist